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Hello, I’m Rachel. An Essex girl living in Liverpool. And yes, I’ve heard every joke under the sun!  My studies brought me up north and I got my first job as a family solicitor in Liverpool in 2002.  I have had a love of photography since I was a teenager and  photographed my first wedding in 2008. For 4 years I combined work as a lawyer alongside my business before deciding that being a full time photographer was what I was meant to be doing.

I fell in love with Liverpool and my very own Liverpudlian , Matt. We met cage fighting, not your classic love story.  I take personal pride that we are the registrar’s best “how we met” story even though the reality is we were the least likely cage fighting candidates.  We were never any good and those days are long behind us but it makes for a good story!

We have two children, Charlie and Evie.  I like posting a ridiculous amount of photos of their sibling trials and tribulations, of which there are many.

I have an insane memory. I just seem to remember everything but, as my friends point out, I struggle to navigate my way anywhere (it’s ok, I invested in a sat nav!). The positives are I will always remember your name, your childrens’ names and pretty much everything that you have ever told me.

I am enthusiastic and genuinely invest in all of the wonderful people who book me.  I get unashamedly excited when I see good light and fabulous places to take photographs. Especially sheds, corrugated iron, walls and doorways.  I love it all.  But mostly I just love people and capturing personalities and split second moments of joy, sadness and everything in-between. I want my photographs to make you feel something and that’s the most important thing that I want you to know about me.



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