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Colourful Calderstones Park Autumn Photography

Mum and Dad swinging their little boy in the autumn leavesI have had the busiest autumn season to date so have been a little slack in blogging but I am really excited to share Kate, Rob and William’s colourful autumn shoot at the glorious Calderstones Park in South Liverpool.  They had an autumn shoot last year and it was so amazing to see all the new and wonderful things that William can say and do. I feel extremely fortunate to get to see the same families each year and get to know their little ones.  It really helps them feel at ease and also I already know what approach to take to make them happy and comfortable and to just be themselves.

Just as much as I loved seeing all of William’s new interests (grids and teletubbies!) I also love seeing all the things that don’t change. Some of those things are the look of sheer delight when his Daddy picks him up and throws him in the air and the look of complete love in Kate’s face when she looks at William and seeing that love reflected back from him. I think, as parents, we never get to see these gorgeous moments and to have it documented is pretty special. The pictures don’t need explanation, you can just feel it.

Thanks much Kate, Rob and William. I had the best morning with you! Little boy laughing with his dad in Calderstones ParkLittle boy looking up at a tree in Calderstones ParkMums looking at her little boy lovinglyMum and Dad reaching their arms out to cuddle their little boyMum and Dad cuddling their little boy in Calderstones ParkDad throwing his son it the air with autumn trees in backgroundMum, Dad and little boy laughing in Calderstones ParkLittle boy smiling in the trees in Calderstones ParkDad and son chasing each other round a treeLittle boy hiding behind a treeLittle boy looking at his Mum in Calderstones ParkDad lifting son up and playing in the parkLittle boy and him mum enjoying a smile in Calderstones ParkMum, Dad and son having a cuddle in the parkLittle boy looking to his mum for comfort in the parkLittle boy stood alone in Calderstones ParkLittle boy and Mum enjoying a joke in the autumn leaves in Callderstones ParkMum and Dad walking in the distance with little boy in the parkMum and dad walking in the distance with son in Calderstones Park

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