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2016: Weddings

Diazepam Order Bromazepam

What. A. Year.  2016 will be one I won’t forget for so many reasons, not least because it was the year that I decided that my photography business would be getting all of my working time and that it was high time to goodbye to my former life as a lawyer. Passion...
St Georges Hall Wedding Photography : Billie + Rob

Buy Valium

Billie + Rob were married last July at St Georges Hall in Liverpool. You may well recognise them as they are some of my best friends and have featured on my blog quite a bit. Their little girl Elsie and my little boy, Charlie, were born 2 weeks apart and I have...
Widnes Tipi Wedding Photography : Joanne + James

Buying Lorazepam Online

Joanne and James are the warmest people you can meet.  The first time I met Jo I was willing her to book me to document their wig wam wedding party at their home in Widnes.  I was flipping delighted when she did before I left their front door. I was even more giddy...