Commercial photography is about way more that taking pictures.  It’s about working in partnership with individuals or businesses to determine the purpose and feeling that they’re trying to create through the images they commission me to take.  Together we are creating a visual representation of your business to grab the attention of your potential clients and engage with them whether that is on your website, social media or printed products.

As with my other areas of photography, my style is creative and shows some personality. Whether that is your personality or the personality of your business.  My style of edit is clean and timeless so you get maximum use of your images.


Some businesses know exactly what they want and only require minimal input from me whilst others are starting from a blank canvas and value my brainstorming sessions to provide concepts to build on. This involves researching your objectives and values as well as ensuring that images enhance and compliment existing branding and website layout.  We talk about where and how the images will be used so we can plan the images to have the desired impact. That may include some stand out images as well as images that show how your business works and for your clients to get to know you and learn more about what you do.

If you would like a chat about your business please get in touch.