My ethos when photographing children and families is to document them in in the same way I do my own family and how I like to be photographed myself. As we are. The photo above was a lightning bolt moment for me. I was getting increasingly exasperated that despite a lot of haribo bribes, promises of the playground and my husband stood behind me burping the alphabet to get a laugh they were not playing ball! They wanted to be play fighting and climbing the tree not sat on it pretending to be serene, compliant and social media perfect children that they weren’t. I was putting my camera away having given up when this shot happened. It is one of my favourite pictures of them as its absolutely summed them both of them up exactly how they were at these ages without a word being said.  It dawned on me that this was exactly how I wanted to document their childhood. Honestly, authentically, showing their personalities and their relationship with each other. Imperfectly perfect. That’s what it’s all about.

You can see more of them here and be reassured that I don’t expect your children to sit still or be anything other than themselves!

My family sessions are very relaxed and very much child led. If they are happy, engaged and having fun it makes it a really lovely experience for everyone. I don’t pose children, I don’t expect them to do anything other than be themselves and I absolutely don’t expect them to sit still!  I just want to them to have the freedom to do what makes them happy whether that’s climbing trees, jumping in puddles, playing with their toys or just having a good explore of their environment.  I recommend that the session takes place wherever they are happiest. This could be in the back garden, at the beach, in the park or anywhere that is their happy place. I want you and your family to feel as it you are just having a morning or afternoon out with a friend who happens to be taking photographs. 

I have a lot of experience photographing children and completely understand that some children are very keen to engage with me the second that they see me and others need time to get used. I understand that some children need high energy during their sessions and others just need me to stand back and observe.  I photograph every child and family differently to make sure that everyone is at ease so that I am documenting your little ones authentically and capturing real smiles, their personality and their connection you each other and you.

My standard sessions last up to an hour and a half and I am now offering extended sessions so that if you would like a day out or a day in your life documented you can. 

I am passionate about maternity photography. This stems from the fact that I only have pictures from both of my pregnancies that I took in a mirror and that is a huge regret now that my family is complete. My aim for my maternity photography is to give women what I would have loved myself. Creative photography that documents you as a mum to be and a record of how incredible your body was to have grown a baby! I think it is when your baby is in your arms you appreciate these photographs even more, I absolutely don’t follow fads, I don’t do cheesy poses and there is absolutely no expectation for you to do anything other than come and hang out with me for an hour!  

As with all of my sessions, you chose where you want your shoot to take place. You may want to embrace nature and be outside or just be in your comfy clothes at home. You can make your session just about you and your bump or can involve your partner and/or siblings for all or part of the session.  It is totally your call when you have your session. I usually recommend anytime in your third trimester when your bump really pops. Everyone experiences pregnancy differently and so the most important thing is that you are comfortable so I am happy to be guided by you. 

I am often asked what is the best age to photograph babies. The answer is always the same, every age! I photograph babies at home from a few days old up until they become a toddler. Each stage documents them as they are at that time. My sessions are all lifestyle based which means that I photograph them as they are. This means capturing all of the cuddles, feeding, playing and also documenting you as parenting doting on your baby. For newborns you may find it easier to have your session at home but for older babies there is no reason why you can’t have your session wherever you like if you’d rather be outside.

As well as all of sessions mentioned above I also photograph lots of different family celebrations. I have photographed birthday parties from one year olds to a hundred year olds and everything in-between. I have also photographed christenings and naming day celebrations. 

Something I especially love is photographing adoption celebration hearings. As a former family solicitor I know how challenging the process of adopting a child is and how important the celebration hearing is.  I understand that the children may have had a difficult background and am sensitive to that.  I also appreciate that parents may want some photographs to share on social media that don’t identify their little ones.  I completely respect parents wishes about usage of their images on my social media.