Foundation Martial Arts Photography

Yesterday was a BIG day in our house.  My husband, Matt, and the members of his martial arts family, Foundation, all took part in Tough Mudder.  We went to watch to give our support after seeing all the months of hard work that everyone had put in to this.  I was honestly not expecting to feel so completely overwhelmed with emotion as well as feeling hugely inspired.

For those who don’t know, Tough Mudder is essentially a 10 mile run with 27 gruelling obstacles that largely consist of a lot of mud (surprise, surprise!).  It was a massive achievement to get round the course but what was the most noticeable thing was the incredible team work ethic of our Foundation team.  This was not about fast times or personal achievement. It was about doing the course as a team and working together to help every member get through it. For every obstacle there was a strategy to get the entire team through it.  All of this was done with a smile on their faces and a dance whenever time permitted it! We were all so proud that not only did the guys help their own team members, they also helped anyone else of the course who was struggling.

The proof of what an incredible example the adult team are was watching the Foundation children take part in Lidl Mudder earlier. You can follow Foundation on Facebook and Instagram to see these pictures.  They applied the same ethos and they went round the course as a team and refused to leave any of their team behind.  The more experienced members of the team ran ahead to make sure they were there at the end of the obstacle to help and encourage everyone else through.  They just did it without having to be told because these values are instilled the second they walk into the Foundation dojo.

Foundation isn’t about just learning martial arts. It’s about being part of a community.  Community who look after each other, who care not only for each other but for the extended community who need help.  Simon, Clare and James who run Foundation are as humble as they come.  They don’t shout about what they do, so I will. They are a social enterprise so their money goes back in to Foundation to build it.  They are staffed mainly by volunteers. Their fees for both children and adult classes are so busy because their class are so sought after yet their fees remain at a level to made them affordable so that it is inclusive to all of the community.  They are fully inclusive of everyone including children with learning difficulties,  autism and adhd. They frequently run respite camps for young carers in conjunction with Barnardos to allow these young people be children without their usual responsibilities for a week.  They also award lifetime scholarships for stand out young carers.

Foundation’s ethos is “we live by our vales”. They really do. This is why both children and adults alike took part in Tough Mudder, to live by their values, and to give something back.  They have all worked so hard and trained for months to take part in this event to raise money for Foundation, who give to so many, to buy new mats for the dojo and to raise money to enable them to continue to help the wider community.  If you would like to support this amazing community you can do here.

Now, here’s for some mud!!!