bride being walked down the aisle with her three children
I recently posted on my social media my disbelief at the press attention surrounding who would be walking Meghan Markle down the aisle at her wedding to Prince Harry. The coverage of will it be her Dad or won’t it.  If not her Dad then who? I saw one article who had done a sweepstake that included Prince Charles, Prince Phillip and Prince William. One article expressed outrage that it could possibly mean her mum would have to step in yet no surprise that it could be any male member of her soon to be husband’s family over her own mother. That same mother who carried her, brought her up and is no doubt one of the most special people to her walking her down the aisle on one of the biggest days of her life.

I suddenly though, why on earth is this even being discussed and is it really relevant today, royalty or no royalty?

I thought back to my own wedding 9 years ago. I can honestly say that I gave it no thought and there was never any doubt for me that both my Mum and Dad would walk me down the aisle. You notice I don’t say “give me away”. I was 29 years old and had been asserting my independence since I was 5 so no giving away was required! I could have walked down the aisle alone but I really wanted to share the experience with my parents and I wasn’t quite brave enough to walk into a room with my nearest and dearest without my left hand man and right hand woman.

I got to thinking of all of my amazing brides who have walked down the aisle with their mum, their dad, their step-dad (in Billie’s case, her Dad and her Step Dad as they both played a huge part in her life), their brother, their children and in, Wibke’s case, by herself. They did what they wanted and was was right for them. That is really the point that I am trying to make. Never feel that you have to conform to an idea that the wedding industry push onto you if it isn’t right for you. My mantra is that it’s your wedding and you have total power to do things your way.

The response to my social media posts about this has blown me away. I made reference to the fact that not all families are the same and not all relationships are equal. Not everyone getting married still has their dad here, not everyone has a relationship with their dad, not all dad’s want all eyes on them, some people are closer to other family members and some people want to involve their children instead. Whatever people choose, whether they’re marrying into royalty or not, their choice should be respected.

To all the gorgeous people who have messaged me saying they don’t know how they could get married without their Dad walking them down the aisle, whether by choice or by extremely sad circumstances, please look at these pictures. See the joy on these brides faces and that they are looking ahead at the love of their life that they are about to marry. It may be different to how you planned but you can do it your way.

bride being walked down the aisle by her brother

bride being walked down the aisle by her little girlBride being walked down the aisle by dad and step dadChurch Farm, Wirral, Wedding Photographybride being walked down the aisle by dadbride being given away by her grandadbride being walked down the aisle by her brotherbride being walked down the aisle by her little boybride being walked down the aisle by her mumbride being given away by her brotherbride being walked down the aisle by her brotherbride walking down the aisle by herselfbride being given away by bother her mum and dadLast picture of my parents and I courtesy of Lawson Photography