Amanda (the gorgeous lady in yellow!) is one of my past brides. We clicked straight away when we met up shortly before her wedding to Ross and she said “I don’t want pictures of my shoes, I don’t understand why there are always so many pictures of shoes!” I couldn’t agree more and so I knew instantly that we were on the same page about things that were important. I couldn’t resist adding a picture of her shoes perched on her toilet in her final gallery to make her laugh! 

At the time of her wedding Amanda had been in business for a number of years and shortly after decided to retrain as a counsellor. This was such a natural choice for her as she is has supreme levels of emotional intelligence, is highly professional whilst being so incredibly kind and insightful.

When Amanda contacted me to tell me that she and two colleagues had set up a new consultancy business, Lead the Way, and if I would help them create images for their website and social media to reflect their personalities and their ethos I couldn’t wait to get on board.   Lead the Way aim to help people and organisations enhance their performance. They are respectful and carry out their work with enthusiasm and compassion.  They work individually and collaboratively and it is clear how well they all work together and showing that dynamic was really important.  As was showing a creative approach to reflect their own forward thinking approach.