I have know Tracy for a number of years now from my former life as a lawyer. She was my go to family law mediator as not only is she phenomenal at what she does but she is also a seriously lovely person.  She in one of the hardest working women I know as well as being one of the kindest and most generous. 

When she set up her own family law mediation business, Winstanley Mediation, on Rose Lane in South Liverpool I was so happy when she asked if I would take the photographs for use on her new website and social media.  We sat down and had a brainstorm about the feel she was going for and the colours of her new site so we could compliment that.  Tracy is forward thinking and creative in her approach and wanted her website to reflect that rather than have a generic stock images that don’t reflect her as a person or her approach to business. 

After our initial meeting I sent over some concepts which Tracy loved and we got to work really soon after. I love the images we created and how well they work on her website.