Palm House Sefton Park Wedding Photography


Are you getting married at the Palm House Sefton Park? If you love colour, nature and loads of outdoor space the Palm House Sefton Park is for you.  It is one of my favourite wedding venues in Liverpool and, as it’s walking distance from where, I live I know Sefton Park like the back of my hand! I love it in every season and have all of the local knowledge of the best places to go.

Did you know that as well as being one of the most original wedding venues in South Liverpool the Palm House was also used to film the ITV series Victoria. Yes, that’s Jenna Coleman! It truly is a wedding venue that is like no other in Liverpool.

For me, weddings are all about people. You, as a couple, and the people you invite to share your wedding day. This is what makes your wedding, and the pictures taken, completely different to anyone elses. Your personalities, your relationship and the memories you make.  It’s people who make the stories you’ll remember and talk about for years to come. This is why I photograph weddings authentically documenting the humour, the personality, the emotion, the connections and the quiet moments that make your wedding day completely unique.  They have to remind you of the conversations you had, the jokes that you shared and make you feel how you did when the photograph was taken.


I believe that photography should document weddings, as they are, and not dominate them.  I expect absolutely nothing from you other than a warm welcome and for you have the best day of your life! I will be alongside you sharing the laughs and having the occasional cry and capturing it all for you, fitting in with the natural flow of your wedding.  I absolutely love colour and texture and try as much of it into photos as I can. But what I love the most is seeing people relax, connect and just enjoying their first day as a married couple!

If you are getting married at the Palm House Sefton Park I would love to hear from you!