For me, weddings are all about people. You, as a couple, and the people you invite to share your wedding day. This is what makes your wedding, and the pictures taken, completely different to anyone elses. Your personalities, your relationship and the memories you make.  It’s people who make the stories you’ll remember and talk about for years to come. This is why I photograph weddings authentically and document the humour, the personality, the emotion, the connections and the quiet moments that make your wedding day completely unique.  I want my photographs to be more that what you can see. I want you to be able to feel them. The moments captured and the atmosphere and spirit of the day. They have to remind you of the conversations you had, the jokes that you shared and make you feel how you did when the photograph was taken.  That’s what it’s all about.

I believe that photography should document weddings, as they are, and not dominate them.  I expect absolutely nothing from you other than a warm welcome and for you have the best day of your life! I will be alongside you sharing the laughs, having the occasional cry and capturing it all for you.  All whilst fitting in with the natural flow of your wedding.  I am a big believer in couples doing things their way and choosing fun over formality and so I will never tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

I absolutely love colour and texture and try to get as much of it into photos as I can and my editing style reflects this. Colourful, clean and consistent.  I don’t follow the fads as I want you to love how your images look in 10 years as much as you do when they arrive in your inbox.

I am obsessed with confetti (more is more by the way!) but what I love the most is seeing people relax, connect and just enjoying everyone celebrating them!

I know that you are likely to have some other questions and i’ve answered the most frequently asked here.

I like to get to know my couples. I actively encourage wedding chat e-mails and love seeing excited wedding planning social media posts. It all helps get to know you. The dad of one of my wonderful brides once said “the more you are willing to give, the more you will get”. He couldn’t have been more right. When you welcome me into your inner circle of friends and let me be one of you for the day this is when the magic happens. I’m naturally pretty intuitive but this really helps me tune into your relationships with each other, your family and friends faster so the split seconds of absolute gold are anticipated and captured.

I watch how you interact as a couple and build that into how I photograph you. I source locations that aren’t run of the mill and just chat to you with minimal posing. I want you to look at your pictures, see that spark and think “that’s us!”

I like to talk to you and your guests, it helps puts everyone at ease so nobody is bothered that i’m taking photos of them. This is balanced by knowing when to be quiet, stand back and document some seriously precious moments.

Anyway, enough of what I think, here’s what my couples have to say!