I’m always completely blow away and humbled when I receive these amazing messages. There really is no better feeling!

We met Rachel when she was photographing a friends wedding, and we loved her instantly. She is so warm, and makes everyone feel at ease instantly. We were delighted when she was available to photograph our wedding. From the moment we booked Rachel, she was an absolute delight. When we met her at the venue (which is my Dads house), she was seeing things and possible photo opportunities that I haven’t seen in all the years I had lived there. Rachel asked all sorts of questions and ensured she knew who everyone was so she could be sure to keep an eye on them on the day and capture any key moments.When the day came, Rachel was immediately part of the bridal party and was making sure everyone was OK all while capturing the most amazing photographs, I have no idea how she got round as many places as she did! Rachel managed to capture some some moments that I didn’t believe could be photographed. Those moments that words cant describe…. and are normally impossible to photograph. In her photos, Rachel captures the emotions of the day and has made them into the most beautiful photos, which can be treasured for a life time. Words cant express how happy we are with the photos, and what they mean to us. We cannot recommend Rachel highly enough.
Thank you Rachel. You are wonderful!

Everything happens for a reason and finding Rachel to photograph our wedding was meant to be!! When we first met Rachel for a pre wedding chat, we instantly felt comfortable around her. On the day, Rachel fitted in amazingly with our family and friends and it was as if we’d all known her forever. She made us laugh from start to finish and was just a pleasure to be around! We love our photographs and we will cherish them forever! We can’t thank you enough!

We didn’t spend much time looking for a photographer as we’d seen the photographs from a friends wedding that Rachel had done and knew that her style would be perfect for what we wanted! Being super organised, I booked Rachel about 18 months before the day and from her first reply back to me she had a warm friendly tone that is just what you need in the run up to and on the day of your wedding! We met Rachel a couple of months before the day and I loved how excited she was about our day. She wanted to know all about us and our families to make sure that she documented our day in a way that suited us.  On the day, Rachel arrived at the hotel I was staying in with my bridesmaids and mum, and was such a pleasure to have around whilst we were getting ready. My three younger bridesmaids were 10,8 and 3 and Rachel was just amazing with them! One of the best things whilst we were having our group photos taken was that Rachel knew all our families names from our first meeting with her. It made it run so smoothly and quickly so we could get back to enjoying the day with our family and friends. We are so delighted with how Rachel documented our day and our friends and family all commented on how friendly but professional she was. Rachel is so so talented in what she does and manages to capture every single moment of the day in such a lovely way. Thank you!

Rachel, Marc and I are blown away by these. We absolutely love them. You know how talented we think you are, but I really want to shout it from the rooftops!! I know I’ll look at these photos a squillion times. Not just today or tomorrow, but years and years (and hopefully) years from now.You’ve captured some amazing moments and shots of people who we love which we get to keep forever thanks to you.You Mrs Ryan are a Wonder Woman through and through!

You are such a brilliant people person, so very good at judging when to watch and when to join in. Lots of our guests mentioned how lovely you are and assumed that we knew you before we hired you! Your pictures are amazing but this is your real talent, putting people around you at ease. 

I am a graphic designer so work with images and photos every day – I knew exactly what I wanted (Darrell trusted my judgement on this one, and what a fab judgement it was….. Even if I do say so myself ha). I researched for weeks and weeks! I knew I wanted a documentary style photographer with a relaxed feel, no crazy filters or Photoshop effects. Having been a bridesmaid 5 times I also wanted a female photographer as they are so much more understanding of how you’re feeling – takes one to know one and all that jazz. When I found Rachel’s website I loved everything about her photos from the colours and angles to the natural styling and relaxed ‘models’. Her black and white photos also stood out massively. From the quality of her photos she was far and above anything we had seen. From Rachel’s first email I really felt at ease – she oozes positivity and obviously LOVES weddings and her job. I can’t put into words how happy we are with the photos and service we have received!!

We cannot recommend Rachel highly enough. I searched for a photographer that would capture our day naturally in a documentary style . I found Rachel by a touch of fate. From the first point of contacts has been an absolute dream. Rachel throws herself into her work and takes time to get to know you and in return you get to meet a wonderful person who truly cares about getting the best for you on the day,. By the time the big day comes Rachel will be friendly face to keep you calm , she will fit in to your day as though you have known her for years.  After receiving our photos we know 100% there was not another photographer that could have captured our day so perfectly. We laughed and smiled throughout the day with Rachel, which you can see through our amazing photos. Thank you for playing such an important part part in our day and capturing so many wonderful memories for us to cherish for year to come!

I have hated having my picture taken for as long as I can remember.I will go to any lengths to avoid having my picture taken and, if I absolutely have to, then I won’t look at it once it is done. I don’t have any idea where this fear has come from, but I honestly can’t remember a single occasion where I have happily posed for a photograph. As soon as a camera appears, I feel physically sick and I think that feeling makes me unable to relax, smile and look ‘normal’ on a photo so that any smile is always very forced and unnatural.  When I got engaged, I remember one of my first thoughts being that I wasn’t going to have a photographer at the wedding. In our three years together we only have one photo together so I gave in to pressure. Once I realised that I would have to have photos taken, I remembered seeing a shoot that Rachel had done for someone I had gone to primary school with and who had put their wedding pictures on Facebook and decided to contact her. On the day itself, Rachel was amazing, introducing herself to everybody and going out of her way to learn their names. She is so lovely and chatty that after the first couple of pictures, I actually didn’t feel like I was being photographed due to Rachel keeping up a steady stream of funny chatter and really putting me at ease. I am smiling and laughing naturally on every picture and when I look at them, all I can see is how happy Andy and I are and what a beautiful day we had. I have to admit that I was very nervous about seeing the finished pictures but I absolutely love them. They just show someone who is relaxed and happy and has just married the man she loves. This is all down to Rachel’s talent. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. To anyone who feels the same way I did about having photographs of their wedding, all I can say is….do it! You will be having your pictures taken on one of the happiest days of your life by somebody who is hugely talented and who really cares about putting you at ease, and that happiness will just shine through. It really is true that what you see and hate on your photo, other people won’t see and they will just see you happy and in love”

We can’t recommend Rachel highly enough – what a wonderful human and amazingly talented photographer! Rachel is so kind and lovely and instantly puts you at ease – we felt like we’d known her for years. Rachel photographed our wedding in July and did a fantastic job. Not only have we got beautiful shots of us as couple/with our families, we also have an amazing array of photos of all of our guests, laughing, chatting and dancing. The photos really capture the warmth and happiness of the day and show the day as it was. Rachel has got brilliant attention to detail and has produced some really stunning shots. We’re over the moon that we have such wonderful photos – thank you so much Rachel!

Right I’m going to be soppy now (which doesn’t happen often). I saw the picture of  Tony on your Instagram and I was immediately taken back to seeing him standing there. In that moment I saw him, so many things went through my head and not one of them was a regret because it had all lead up to us both being here. Here was the perfect man who is kind, caring, gorgeous and can make me laugh like no one else and he was waiting for me. The man in that photo has held me when I cried so much I couldn’t breath because I was worried my life would end at 26, he told me I was beautiful when I lost all my hair, he always pushed me when I wanted to give up and on several occasions he’s made me laugh so hard I’ve farted (true story).  Some people might look at that photo and appreciate how perfect and beautiful it is but in that photo I remember how excited I was to see the man who gave me a reason to get out of bed in the morning when I felt like I couldn’t carry one. That photo will always remind me of how much I adore that man and how I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life as it brought us together on that roof.  Seeing that photo made me so happy I could burst and I’ll be honest I cried. You did that. Your perfect work brought back every single thing back to me I thought while I was standing there and for that I can’t say thank you enough

Choosing Rachel to photograph our wedding was one of the best wedding decisions we made (aside from maybe marrying each other…) and we were thrilled with the photos she produced. Thank you!

Rachel photographed our wedding a couple of weeks ago and we knew from the moment we met her she was the photographer for us (I was personally loving the matching sunshine yellow pumps and bag ) I could’ve written this review before I’d seen a single picture, I had no doubt they’d be amazing and they are. Rachel is an incredibly talented person and alongside this she’s warm, perceptive and genuinely interested in you and your day. If you haven’t found a photographer for your wedding yet, you have now.

So pleased we found Rachel for our wedding photographer! On the day she made us feel relaxed and had fun. Our photos are AMAZING we love them so much!!

I don’t even know where to begin when writing this review! Rachel is just incredible. We absolutely loved having her as our photographer as she made us feel so at ease and we had such a laugh! You can tell Rachel adores her job and she is an amazing artist. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone, in fact we’ll be seeing her again soon at my friend’s wedding! We feel so lucky to have Rachel’s photographs as our memory of the best day ever. Thank you Rachel, you are awesome xxx

Rachel is an absolute star! We highly recommend her, our photos are gorgeous and what a lovely person to have at your wedding!

They say a picture says a thousand words so what can we say? Rachel, you captured our wedding day perfectly and every time we look at the photos, happy moments come flooding back. We love the way the natural happiness was captured on film as opposed to the “smile for the camera images”; these are the ones we value the most and that can never be re-created.  If you are planning a wedding you need to check this fabulous photographer out. Her portfolio of consistently incredible shots is nothing short of impressive yet she has her own unique style that sets her apart from the many other photographers out there. She will get to know you before the big day and meet your style perfectly and do whatever she has to in order to get the perfect shot (including standing in the middle of Hope St with cars swerving everywhere but that picture is one of my favourites)! Rachel also has a very valuable skill with the ability to capture the most intimate moments yet is never intrusive; she mingled with everyone and blended seamlessly on the day and so many people commented on how lovely she was and still ask after her, many months on! She was the most welcome addition and we laughed non-stop in the midst of the chaos all day! She made the whole process so easy and fun! Rachel is not just a photographer there to take a picture; she is someone who will craft an image that you probably never had the vision for and you will be absolutely thrilled with the final pictures. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Rachel, you truly are such an amazingly gifted photographer and I’m so happy we met you; you were the final piece of our wedding dream and we are so grateful for everything. Anyone getting married definitely looks this girl up; she will capture the most wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime and that in itself is priceless. Thank you for everything!

Thank you so much Rachel for your wonderful photos and for capturing and documenting our special moments throughout the day! It felt like we had one of our good friends photographing us all day. Thanks for being so amazing!