And yes, I pretty much have my mouth open on every picture of myself as I’m either laughing or talking. But that does pretty accurately sum up my personality though!

I love knowing peoples story so it’s only right that I share mine. I’m an Essex girl living in South Liverpool with my husband, Matt, and our two children, Charlie and Evie. You can see them in the picture below and it will tell you all you need to know about their personalities. You can see more about them here and be reassured that when parents say “my child won’t sit still or co-operate for pictures” it really isn’t an issue for me!

Matt and I met cage fighting and became our registrars best “how we met” story.  We’ll overlook the fact that I thought I was going to a boxercise class but ended up liking the actual class so much I carried on going!  We were the least likely cage fighting couple and those days are long gone for me but Matt still likes to channel his inner ninja!

I have loved photography since my big sister gave me a camera she won in a competition when I was 14. It never occurred to me that I could actually do it as a job and so went down the academic route and was a family law solicitor for 14 years. That’s what brought me to Liverpool and, after marrying my scouser, I stayed!.  I was still an avid photographer during this time and when I was asked to photograph a wedding 11 years ago I went for it.  From that point friends started asking me to photograph their weddings and then their friends and before I knew it I was running a photography business alongside being a solicitor. Not the most obvious job combination I know!  Photography is my passion, I genuinely love it so as my business grew and grew it was a no brainer that it was what I had to do full time. So that’s what I did and have never looked back!

So, that’s my story. What else is there to know?

I’m an outdoors person, I never used to be at all. In fact I remember being absolutely horrified when Matt bought me a pair of hiking boots and a waterproof for a trip to Scotland once and I vowed never, ever to wear them.  It was a total shock that when, 18 months ago, I signed up to a 26 mile hike for life with my friend that I absolutely fell in love with it. I now completely embrace my hiking boots and waterproof!

I’m happiest at the beach with my family. It awakens all of my senses and it’s where we have our best times. Our favourites are in North Wales and Cornwall as well as our beloved Formby.  If I could live in a house on the beach I would be in heaven! I tried boogie boarding last year and loved it so paddle boarding and surfing are next on my bucket list. 

I love Tim Peake (I think i’m the only person who can say that he’s the star on the top of my Christmas tree each year!), Desert Island Discs and Marmite, in that order!

Back to weddings! You can see my approach to them here! 

Thanks to the wonderful Emma Hiller for the first picture and to Matt for the last picture.